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Our company offers a wide range of packaging components for many industries. Packaging manufacturing, retail services, wholesale trading and related services are just some of the things we offer. The products and services we provide help you to achieve the desired look of your product.

Quality Discount Packaging

Recycling has a new meaning: it has a lower cost, lower energy consumption and lower emissions in comparison to re-processing! With our QDP service, rather than re-processing unused packaging components, we find buyers for your redundant packaging materials.

Territorial coverage

Both within and outside of Europe, we strive to serve our customers more efficiently in each country. Our system is now available in over 15 languages, and local partners in many countries can help to obtain your desired packaging. As a customer, you can purchase packaging materials from our continuously expanding product range through our All In Packaging web-shop (which contains our international partner’s products too). As a packaging supplier, you can connect to our system, and sell your goods within the All In Packaging web-shops.


Innovative packaging can greatly affect the marketability of products. All In Packaging offers the latest packaging solutions for you and your partners. As a supplier you can quickly find a market for your new products.

Entrust packaging experts!

Our company has been distributing packaging materials since 1997. By now, we have helped thousands of companies with packaging implementation. Our clients include representatives of numerous industries - from small companies to large multinationals. We will help you in getting your products on store shelves with the most efficient packaging.

Private label products

There are 3 easy steps when making your own brand-name products! This includes selecting your product, choosing your packaging, and choosing your labelling. Our service can help you make your own private label products, even if you order in small quantities.

Packaging wholesale

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions for various industries such as cosmetics, chemicals, food and also health. Trigger sprayers, pumps, jars, bottles, foam pumps, cardboard boxes, food packaging and many types of packaging are available. Visit the All In Packaging web-shop where you can order from our stock right away!

Creative packaging

Would you like vibrant and unique packaging? We are not just producing and dealing with sales activity of packaging materials, but undertake their graphics and designs as well. With our customer-focused approach, we can now provide an effective solution to meet the needs of our customers, and have 15 years experience doing so. We adapt to the ever-changing market demands with our continuously expanding product portfolio, and up to date expertise.

Printing terms and conditions


Design Submission

When Customer’s label designs are finalized, please begin by ordering and submitting to Nordtek Packaging (henceforth: Supplier). Once an order placed, Supplier can no longer accept any variety of changes or modifications to the original design and cannot offer refunds in any capacity. As such, the full responsibility of review and proofreading checks for grammatical issues, spelling errors, and general content preferences is completely that of the customer. Supplier will not provide additional assistance with these tasks unless otherwise previously noted. A finalized digital image proof of labels will be sent to customer via email for final approval before your labels are manufactured.


Lead Time Manufacturing

Once the digital label proof is certified finalized by you, Supplier will begin manufacture, which will be completed in five (5) business days or less. Shipping time depends on the type of carrier, process (e.g. air, freight, etc.) and location. Please visit for more information. Rush shipment for label orders can be arranged at the Customer’s expense and may depend on the availability of carrier packages. Shipping time will be estimated at time of order.


No Returns Policy

All sales are final. Supplier regrets to inform Customer that no returns can be accepted on any label orders. Supplier wholly advises that Customer fully reads and understands these Terms & Conditions before placing any label order. Once an order is placed, refunds are not possible.


Cancellation Policy

Once an order has been processed for manufacture, it will be no longer possible to cancel or obtain a refund of any sort. The finalized design is the complete responsibility of the Customer.


Graphics Fees

The calculation of our graphics costs are according to our "Graphics Packages" which packages are displayed on our website. Further information on our "Graphics Packages" and printing costs can be find on the following link:


Image Copyright, Conditions of Use and Supplier Disclaimer

Any image submitted to Supplier by Customer is considered confidential and the full and complete property of Customer. Customer is fully responsible for any submitted images. Please do not utilize any copyrighted images that you do not own. Supplier commits to refraining from releasing or reusing any submitted images unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. Images may be stored for an indeterminate period as records and in case Customer may need to reorder any previous label sets.



The Supplier do not take any responisbility for any claim made by third party for breach of copyrights, privacy and other legal rights in connection to the artwork provided by the Customer. Furthermore, the Supplier does not investigate the originality of the contents provided by the Cusomer on film, records, PS, PRN, JPG, TIF, PDF files or other files, neither the inviolability of the copyrights, publishing rights and other rights therefore, for these the Supplier do not take any responsibility. The Supplier shall not be liable for the information provided by the Customer, therefore the Customer shall always be liable. The Supplier shall not be liable to ensure that no property rights, copyrights of third parties are harmed. If production or delivery of such products/artworks is prohibited or cancelled by referring to any third person’s patent right, the Supplier shall be entitled to terminate any further activity and to demand indemnity from the Customer without being obliged to examine the legal background. By placing an order, the Customer hereby declares that, with respect to the subject of the order transferred, it has all the rights necessary for ordering, and holds back the Supplier from any claim by a third party for breach of copyrights, personality rights and other legal remedies.

Please Note: Any scenarios not covered by the above Terms & Conditions shall be subsequently governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Nordtek Packaging Ltd. (Available here)

Our company has been distributing packaging materials since 1997. We have helped thousands of companies with packaging implementation. Our clients include representatives of numerous industries - from small companies to large multinationals.

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