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Our company offers a wide range of packaging components for many industries. Packaging manufacturing, retail services, wholesale trading and related services are just some of the things we offer. The products and services we provide help you to achieve the desired look of your product.

Quality Discount Packaging

Recycling has a new meaning: it has a lower cost, lower energy consumption and lower emissions in comparison to re-processing! With our QDP service, rather than re-processing unused packaging components, we find buyers for your redundant packaging materials.

Territorial coverage

Both within and outside of Europe, we strive to serve our customers more efficiently in each country. Our system is now available in over 15 languages, and local partners in many countries can help to obtain your desired packaging. As a customer, you can purchase packaging materials from our continuously expanding product range through our All In Packaging web-shop (which contains our international partner’s products too). As a packaging supplier, you can connect to our system, and sell your goods within the All In Packaging web-shops.


Innovative packaging can greatly affect the marketability of products. All In Packaging offers the latest packaging solutions for you and your partners. As a supplier you can quickly find a market for your new products.

Entrust packaging experts!

Our company has been distributing packaging materials since 1997. By now, we have helped thousands of companies with packaging implementation. Our clients include representatives of numerous industries - from small companies to large multinationals. We will help you in getting your products on store shelves with the most efficient packaging.

Private label products

There are 3 easy steps when making your own brand-name products! This includes selecting your product, choosing your packaging, and choosing your labelling. Our service can help you make your own private label products, even if you order in small quantities.

Packaging wholesale

We offer a wide range of packaging solutions for various industries such as cosmetics, chemicals, food and also health. Trigger sprayers, pumps, jars, bottles, foam pumps, cardboard boxes, food packaging and many types of packaging are available. Visit the All In Packaging web-shop where you can order from our stock right away!

Creative packaging

Would you like vibrant and unique packaging? We are not just producing and dealing with sales activity of packaging materials, but undertake their graphics and designs as well. With our customer-focused approach, we can now provide an effective solution to meet the needs of our customers, and have 15 years experience doing so. We adapt to the ever-changing market demands with our continuously expanding product portfolio, and up to date expertise.

Quality Discount Packaging

QDP is a concept which aims to find a new way to use the leftover packaging materials, which would otherwise be disposed.

Reusing packaging surplus

The packaging industry has a large amount of unnecessary waste. In lots of cases, packaging materials will only be a waste because of business reasons (e.g. change of product design, excess inventory, etc) and not because of defective or of poor quality. QDP can help create a win-win situation for all participants.

Quality Discount Packaging reduces packaging waste emissions and helps to protect the environment

Our company has launched the QDP program to promote the re-use of packaging materials, which would otherwise be treated as waste. The redundant packaging materials are converted into raw material, and as well as this, preparing new packaging products requires a lot of energy and other resources. In contrast, recycling waste has a greater benefit and impact on the environment. In most cases, the process requires only transport and storage, there is no need for the resources used in the production and processing. The QDP system within the All In Packaging web shop can help you find potential buyers, thus preventing the unnecessary packaging waste carried out. The QDP helps reduce costs and thereby saves a considerable expenditure of packaging purchases.

Using recycled packaging is more cost effective than buying new packaging materials, while the quality of the products remains the same. In some cases, we are also able to increase the value of products, such as cartons that have already been used. Some of those cartons are new, but in many cases, we buy it already printed. In order to be able to reuse the cartons, it is first covered in film. Once the film placed on the item, the customer is able to print their customised design over this film.

QDP generates revenue for redundant packaging owners

The redundant packaging is generated for a number of reasons: design change is required for marketing purposes, or an incorrectly submitted order now just stands in the background. This results in millions of pieces of high quality packaging that is not required by the owner.

When something is unnecessary in one place, it may be required in another place. In order to effectively manage the supply and demand of these products, we sell surplus packaging components on the Quality Discount Packaging web shop. Using QDP and All in Packaging, redundant packaging owners are able to regain some of the investment on their unused resources, reduce waste and emissions, and free some busy warehouse space.


Our company has been distributing packaging materials since 1997. We have helped thousands of companies with packaging implementation. Our clients include representatives of numerous industries - from small companies to large multinationals.

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